sábado, 12 de maio de 2007

you're older

To you a little woman
Only of twelve
Fresh and beauty like the lily of the morning
Always studying and writing
You can’t understand why
Your little woman is so alone
And you bring me the moon and sun’s shine
Bring me all you can take of your world
Cause I’m not older enough
To understand your reasons
I won’t mind if I need to
Wait you kiss me and go away every night
No, I won’t mind
When you say I’m the only one
I try to believe if I deserve all, that’s you
I don’t need be older to you
I know I’m your little goddess
Sometimes I wonder if I can
To be loved for you, forgetting the close doors
But you’re yet a man
And I’m the sad doll
I try to understand your smile
And all my friends want is a boyfriend like you
Saying all I want to listen
I don’t mind to smile for you when I’m broken
When you call me your little woman
I think I love you
I don’t mind you’re older

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