sábado, 2 de junho de 2007

girl of my dreams


Who knows if you love me?
I yet said about my fear
You can be only playing
And I can’t suffer
I can’t lose again


Little queen of my mind
You said and I chose you
I left all my life for your smile
I think I deserve now your mouth


How do you know I’m sweet
If you will be the first?
You made me think
If I can let his words

Chorus He

Come on
You know I wanna taking care
So on
Don’t need to have the heaven over your mouth

Chorus She

I know
That the girl cries in your dreams
I’ll go
A little alone, nothing’s what seems


Girl of my dreams
I have waited you these years
I won’t let you go
You yet are a part of me

Chorus he
Chorus she


Come on
Take my hand and complete me
You know
I’ll let you know my kiss

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mateus müller disse...

prefiro tuas poesias em português

teh mais thataaaa